Sikkim Fresh Covid Cases 2022 in Last 24 hours, update, tally rises up

On last Tuesday, the tally rises upto 39184 of Covid-19 cases in Sikkim. Gangtok reported fresh cases of Covid-19. Till date there are 59 active cases of Covid-19 in the state. Total 8 recoveries have been reported. In the last few days Covid-19 cases have risen in the state. On the record, out of 164 fresh samples, 20 new Covid-19 cases came up in the state. 

Sikkim Reports Fresh Covid 19 cases 2022

According to health authority officers of the state, the positivity rate of Covid-19 cases is around 12%. Sikkim reported fresh covid-19 fresh cases on July 6, 2022. From the 59 fresh cases of Covid-19, one patient had severe symptoms of Covid-19. Others had mild symptoms and some of them were even asymptomatic. 

One death was also reported at STNM Hospital also. This is all on record data. While we are tracking every update on Sikkim Covid-19 cases 2022 in July. Out of surprise, these all new cases of Covid were reported only in East sikkim.  

Sikkim Covid Cases in last 24 hours

The last 24 hours were crucial for Sikkim as fresh cases of Covid-19 were logged in. However no new variant has been reported of Covid-19 in the state. Even the number of patients have mild symptoms of Covid-19 but still they have been kept under observation. In the next coming hours, the cases of Covid-19 must drop from the chart otherwise again Sikkim will be in the red zone of the country. 

Those who have been kept under observation after getting Covid-19 positive are fully vaccinated. The next few hours are crucial and we are tracking down each and every Update on CoronaVirus in Sikkim. 

Sikkim Fresh Covid Cases 2022 in Last 24 hours, update, tally rises up

Latest news on Sikkim Coronavirus Cases today 

According to The Print, 20 fresh fatality cases of Covid-19 reported. The Himalayan state reported 2 deaths in South Sikkim and 1 in North Sikkim. Till date, around 755 citizens of the state have been migrated out. Latest News on Sikkim CoronaVirus has been updated on this page every hour.

As soon as we get an update on Covid-19 case from the health bulletin we will pull it together on our page instantly. State government of Sikkim is making sure to get more Covid-19 samples, so that it can be tracked down and prevented before it becomes more fatal. 

Sikkim Covid Update 2022

From the time, Covid-19 hit the country, Sikkim reported 39824 cases with 455 deaths. From the last few days, Sikkim has been in the spotlight after fresh Covid cases were reported. By the time, government is digging more into the Covid-19 fresh cases, others can keep the precautions in order to prevent themselves from getting infected. 

CoronaVirus takes 4-5 days to show its symptoms. The symptoms of Covid vary from person to person. It can be mild to some and fatal to another. Just being fully vaccinated is not enough, keeping social distance and using face masks along with hand sanitizers is equally important for all of us. With the rise in Covid-19 cases again in the country, it is better to start taking precautions at an early stage. 

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