Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Download by Mobile Number – CoWin Vaccination Certificate, check steps

Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download by Mobile Number: The Indian Government introduced Covid-19 Vaccine certificate download facility as fast as they divided the age group. Basically Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate is a guaranteed proof document authorized by the government that the person has got Covid-19 Vaccination. A CoWin Certificate can be issued through various modes. One of the easiest modes to download Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate is by using Mobile Number. To check how to download the CoWin Vaccination Certificate, read the below article. 

Covid-19 Vaccine certificate by Mobile Number

Using a 10 digit mobile number, citizens can now get Covid-19 Vaccination certificate. It is as easy as it seems. The procedure involves adding the 10 digit mobile number, receiving an OTP and further reviewing or downloading the vaccination certification from the CoWin portal. So, there are various types of Covid-19 Vaccination certificates. For first dose, second dose, booster these all vaccination certificates can be downloaded easily by using mobile number. 

Even a consolidated certificate can be downloaded from the CoWin portal for the specification that the person is vaccinated with Covishield or Covaxin. Even if the person is partially vaccinated then too it is important for them to download Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate. The mode of downloading vaccination certificates can be done only from authorized sites or apps. The most quick and easy step to get Covid-19 Vaccine certificate is by using a mobile number. 

Well if you are wondering how to download vaccine certificates only by mobile number then check below the detailed step by step procedure mentioned. 

Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Download by Mobile Number - CoWin Vaccination Certificate, check steps

What is a CoWin Certificate ?

As we mentioned above, the Covid-19 Vaccine certificate is a document that will act as a proof whether the person is vaccinated or not. All the citizens of the country are mandated to download a CoWin Certificate in order to travel, enter public places etc. Till date 90 percent citizens are vaccinated according to GOI data. To have the Covid Vaccination certificate is must even if the person is fully or partially vaccinated. Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Dose 1, Covid Vaccine Certificate Dose 2 to be downloaded only from the CoWin portal. Details in Covid-19 Certificate:

  1. Beneficiary Name 
  2. Age of the Beneficiary 
  3. Gender
  4. Unique Health ID
  5. Beneficiary ID
  6. Status of Vaccination
  7. Vaccination Name 
  8. Type of Vaccination 
  9. Manufacturer
  10. Number of Doses
  11. Batch Number
  12. Date of Dose 
  13. Vaccinated By
  14. Venue of Vaccination 

All the above mentioned details must be clearly printed on the vaccine certificate whenever it is downloaded online. Any information missing or misprint needs to be rectified on an immediate basis. 

Importance of Covid-19 Certificate 

Most of us wonder what is the importance of Covid-19 Certificate ? Well Covid-19 has been declared as pandemic and how lethal it is in nature. Therefore GOI has made it mandatory to get the vaccine certificate while traveling from one state to another or even one country to another. The importance of Covid-19 Certificate will be throughout now in coming years. 

  1. Proof of doses received till date (First, second, booster)
  2. Proper and specific information about vaccines (Covishield and Covaxin)
  3. It can help in travel allowances, entering in public places etc. 

Easy Steps to download Covid-19 Certificate through Mobile Number

Step by step procedure in detail to download Covid-19 Certificate through Mobile Number is as follows:

  1. Visit the official portal of CoWin. Open its home page. 
  2. Go to the Sign Up tab and register the 10-digit contact number. 
  3. As soon as the number is entered, One time password (OTP) will be sent to the same number. 
  4. Enter the OTP and click on Verify & Proceed as the next step. 
  5. A new page will come on the screen obtaining all the vaccine details including number of doses etc. 
  6. Next tap on the show certificate.
  7. Last, click on the download button that will eventually save the certificate on the preferred device.
Official WebsiteClick Here
HomepageClick Here

Cowin Certificate Frequently Asked Questions 

Only traveling through air needs Covid-19 vaccine certificate?

No, this is not true. Traveling by car, air, bus or train needs Covid-19 vaccine certificate. It is important how you are traveling, one must have the document. 

Why is the information of Covid Vaccination Certificate important?

It is important as it helps GOI to track the recipient as it has the vaccine name, its batch number too. If any vaccine batch is found out to be faulty then it can undergo research again. 

What are the major benefits to having Covid Vaccine Certificate?

There are no major benefits with downloading the document but yes, it has been made mandatory by the government and it will be useful in near future. 

Major importance to have a Vaccine Certificate ?

As for now, international countries are asking about the vaccine certificate. Thus it is important for all the citizens traveling abroad to have the vaccine certificate. In near future, it can be possible that many more importance to the document might add up.

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